SA Method

Spanish Academies’ mission is to provide high quality Spanish instruction for children and adults. Spanish Academies achieves its mission by creating a comfortable and natural learning environment that respects and thrives on a person’s natural ability to learn. The success of the Spanish Academies method is based on the quality of its teaching method and the dedication and excellence of its instructors. Spanish Academies ultimately seeks to educate our students while encouraging tolerance, understanding and exploration of
other cultures and ideas.

The Spanish School for adults uses the task approach to learning. Students are encouraged to communicate and interact with the teacher and each other in real life situations to accomplish tasks. This method uses activities where students have to employ strategies to solve problems. This emphasis results in the student acquiring competence efficiently.


The Spanish Academy for children uses the “natural language method”, a relaxed approach to teaching a second language where instructors seek to motivate students to make their own natural associations with image and verbal instruction. Spanish Academy instructors teach Spanish through fun and engaging activities and adapt their teaching style to a child’s learning style. This maximizes the assimilation of Spanish into a child’s life.